My Splash of Color Thoughts

Mama Used to Say: ‘Your Tank is on Empty’

One of many of Mama's infamous phrases was, "Ann, your tank is on empty." As I reflect on this last year there have been a plethora (sp) of phrases that have entered my mind which my Mama used in conversation; I am astounded that I understood anything she said in my childhood. I certainly have… Continue reading Mama Used to Say: ‘Your Tank is on Empty’

Why Do I Create?

As an artist, I absolutely love to create and enjoy being called to be God's paintbrush. I am one of many folks in this world, no doubt, who feel that calling. It's my life purpose. Truly, I love giving. I'm honored to be asked for my art to be donated for auctions. It brings me… Continue reading Why Do I Create?

Questions to Ask in the Classroom of Silence

Our priest asked us to consider some thought provoking questions back in January of 2017. Matthew Kelly created a list of 13 questions to be seriously considered. Father Brannen suggested writing the answers down as they would help us to become the 'best version of ourselves.' I had truly forgotten about all of it: the… Continue reading Questions to Ask in the Classroom of Silence

“Maybe Later On Another Day”

Born February 2, 1928, our Mama, Mary Lillis Kelly Lindsay Fleming (mouthful there:) would have been 91 today. Happy heavenly birthday to the wonderful woman I was honored to call my MOM. Mom lit up like a candle when she danced. She glowed with joy and happiness. It was beautiful for me to watch her,… Continue reading “Maybe Later On Another Day”

"Castles in the Sky" Who has visited the exquisite Biltmore Estates? If not there, what about a castle in Europe? We recently visited Biltmore Estates in North Carolina for the first time. It was a dream of our eleven year old since she finished a book series that took place there. In my twenties, with… Continue reading