Palm Trees

Images on this page are of sold original paintings. If you see a painting you would like, I may be able to order a print on canvas of it or contact me to discuss ordering a custom commission piece.

4 thoughts on “Palm Trees

  1. Rory…I have tried really hard to get all set up on I even called them. My daughter designed my website and handles tricky computer stuff for me. She is at a baseball game tonight, so I feel very stuck. I am so very sorry. I really have tried. I’m going to need her help. I am certainly glad that you like it and really like the one you bought from the other artist, as I went and looked it up. Take care, Ann

  2. Hey Rory,
    Thanks so much for your interest in my art. I am checking out as soon as I finish this email and I’ll let you know if I get set up there with my art. I LOVE a sale too:) The globs are intentional as I love COLOR and TEXTURE! So, indeed you are correct. Colorful Wishes Rory, let me see what I can do as I know the sale ends tonight.

  3. Ann:
    I forgot to ask you this. Palm Tree Exlplosion seems to have a lot more intentional “paint globs ” than the Red Palm and Red Green palm.
    Is that correct? Thanks.
    Rory Geeseman

  4. Ann: ‘Liked your Palm Tree Explosion on Fine Art America. Also liked Red Palm and Red Green Palm on your website. Are prints available of Red and Red Green in 10×14 and are they the same prices of Palm Tree Explosion?
    I was hoping to find some of you palms on, as they are having a 25% off sale. I bought Serendipity Peek a Boo Palm at the sale price and am looking for another abstract palm for my hall. Thank you.
    Rory Geeseman, Vero Beach FL

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