Sea Life

Images on this page are of sold original paintings. If you see a painting you would like, I may be able to order a print on canvas of it or contact me to discuss ordering a custom commission piece.

4 thoughts on “Sea Life

  1. I would appreciate your address, I would like to send you a card. We meet at the Art Show

    Hey Sandra,

    It was very nice to meet ya’ll. Hope that ya’ll had a great time and enjoy your “Crabbie Cottage:)” & your grandchildren. It’s 10 Flinn Drive, 31406. Colorful Wishes, Ann 🌀🎨🌻

  2. DSCF7909 – multi turtle on sea of blue, Not sure that if picture was associated with earlier contact.
    Thank you.

  3. Would like more information on this painting. Size, price, canvas width, color of the turn back edge (frame).
    Thank you

  4. Ann,
    I love your sea creatures art and was wondering if you sold notecards of those images? Would love to purchase several as Christmas gifts. Thanks so much!

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