Sprinkle Kindness and Droplets of Joy

Sprinkle Kindness and Droplets of Joy

Written on March 30th.

Here we go, to and fro, back and forth we’re pulled. The air seems fresh, nature shows up each day with songs of cheer for Spring is here.

Yes dear one, Spring is here, but set upon your midst is something ever so small that will change our world like never before. Something so small, so tiny, we have no idea it’s here, but it can take our loved ones and make them all disappear.

We are not all trained for this battle, many of us can’t fight on the front lines. But, we are all told to stay at home, for that is where the key lies. “Shelter in place” it’s real and created to help us stay safe.

To all of those who risk their lives serving the lives of others, there is no thank you large enough to express our gratitude. I know many of you would humbly say, “We took an oath.”

But, the front lines, where you all are, we all know is unlike anything the world has ever seen before. You’ve left your own families or sent them somewhere “safe.” All in the name of protecting each new face. My parents would have said, “That’s above and beyond your call of duty.” The grit, the fortitude, that each of you possess, is simply filled with GRACE.

“And what is our job,” you say? Mine is simple you see, to respect each LIFE as a gift, especially the elderly. No-one asked for this to be here but here it is indeed. It’s this thing that wasn’t invited and can’t be seen. You only need a few things from me it would seem… stay at home (except when there’s a great big need), wash our hands, and stay 6 feet apart. I do not control other’s. What they think or what they say. I’ll do my best to lead by example and promise to continue to pray pray pray along the way.

Weddings cancelled, graduations gone, brand new babies, blessings in our world, in the midst of this “hidden storm.”

So, what can we do to pass the time away? I’m not medical but one thing I do know is how to pray. So, pray I shall, in the morning, in the evening, and sporadically through out the day.

What can I do (we) do to make a difference? Sprinkle Kindness along the way, whether through a phone call or a text. A little amount of kindness goes such a very long way. Let’s listen to what those that know more than us say. We all have our gifts and talents and they know things I’ll never understand.

I thank all who are providing service, selflessly helping others along the way. Sprinkling kindness is our job and I’ll try sharing “droplets of joy” anytime of the day. which will hopefully make someone smile instead of feeling sad I pray.

God Bless us all during these “unprecedented times.” We thank you God for His everlasting ❤️. See us all through this and guide us from ABOVE.

Ann Lutz

Hello everyone! This is Ashton speaking, the youngest child of the Lutz family. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I wanted to mention some things to do during quarantine.

Whole Foods visit with Rach.

There are multiple things that you can try and do. The number ONE thing on your list should be bonding/communicating with your family. There are probably many who are quarantining alone and if so, you can always give any part of your family a call. A simple text or call can truly mean a lot to someone. Anyway, I wanted to get that out there first before I start.

Ashton and Richard going on a walk to see the sunrise.

All around you there is the outdoors. There is the beautiful sky, sun, and clouds. Take advantage of all of these moments that you have and go be one with this other world right outside your door. I have spent many days now outside, and before it was something that I always took granted for. If you want to start gardening, then start it! Take a walk while maintaining a good distance between people. You can ride your bike too! Even being outside in the sun and looking at the sky is worth it.

Secondly, keep healthy! I know it is a very stressful time, but be sure to keep yourself healthy. If you are not body positive and are considering doing a workout, you can do it! You can always ask a friend, family member, or your partner to join in with you. One Youtube channel that I have started to workout to is Chloe Ting. She is absolutely amazing and has many daily challenges along with 14 all the way to 30 day challenges. Also, she is super motivational throughout all of her videos. I started her a few days ago on the “28 Day Flat Tummy Challenge” and I have noticed amazing results from Day 1 to now Day 7. I have become more flexible and have a lot more confidence. So, if you want to get fit during quarantine then you can do it! I want everyone to know that you are beautiful no matter what, I started this to feel better about myself. It does not matter what others say if you are comfortable in your own skin.

Lastly, try out some new hobbies and activities. I have started cooking with my mom, and it’s so much fun. I am a pretty bad cook when I’m cooking alone but with someone else it’s a lot easier. We’ve laughed many times while cooking together and even have had some arguements along the way, but I am so happy that we are doing it together. You can try out, for example; cooking, painting, drawing, writing, gardening, knitting, crocheting, and so much more! You just have to take the first step, getting up and committing, and that’s the hardest part. As I mentioned before, you can grab a friend, family member, or your partner to join in with you and try out some activities. It can be much more fun doing it with another person!

I hope this helped some people out there! There are many great Youtube videos and articles on what you can do to pass the time. Please stay safe and healthy. Have an amazing day!

Ashton doing her schoolwork outside in our garden.

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