Do You Want to Leave Something That Will Outlive You?

Do You Want to Leave Something That Will Outlive You?

Life is full of so many choices. We need to let go and forgive. Forgive ourselves, forgive others and embrace acceptance and the Serenity Prayer. Daily, our lives are filled with 1,000 choices. We do not, MUST NOT, play the role of victim in our own “life story.” Life is just too short, I’ve certainly learned.

Photo Credit – Ashton

Get out, make changes, accept what is and engulf each moment as a genuine gift. And certainly, find your “calling” or your “hobby.” Choose to let go of the STUFF in your lives that clutters it and causes you lots of internal anguish.

I love the idea of L❤️VE, acceptance, inclusion and embracing differences. I get teased about wearing my “rose colored glasses” through life, but I believe, at 51 years of age, it helps me to see the positive in others. I recall from a HUGE book the phrase, “Who alone is without sin, cast the first stone.” No stone throwing here, I have to ask my children to forgive me (and husband when I get grumpy) way more than I ever envisioned.

When we open our hearts then it allows love to seep into all the spaces. Acceptance of ourselves, our faults, and our gifts helps us to keep judgment of others at bay. This along with a LARGE does of prayer, equals good stuff.

When we spend time forecasting our energy on the love of God, forgiveness, acceptance, love of each other, creativity, and nurturing, it keeps anxiety at bay also. I believe L❤️VE never fails. Love is not meant to control others but we are all in need of love. Love, to our souls, is like sunlight, rain and fertilizer all mixed into one.

We are emotional and spiritual beings in a body that God was good enough to give us, for a short time, in the big scheme of life. So, it’s imperative to understand the little things in life that matter for our mental health and well being… Smelling a rose, planting seeds, having a delicious cup of hot tea or yummy coffee, it’s sharing a delicious meal, reading a book, taking a walk, hanging with family and laughing with friends, and it’s going to neat places.

One of my favorite movies has always been “The Sounds of Music.” I love the story, the scenery, the songs. Naturally , a song I sang our children and now beautiful granddaughter is, “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on Kittens, these are a few of my favorite things; when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my FAVORITE things and then I don’t feel sooo bad.” In the simplicity of remembering our favorite things, counting our blessings and using GRATITUDE as our mental ATTITUDE, we set ourselves up for a healthy mental state and well being, in my opinion. By the way, my opinion is based on life experience and motherhood, for I am certainly not a doctor and I have absolutely not one thing against medicine. I am thankful for both. But, I do believe that we must have ownership of our own happiness. I think it is unfair that we blame everyone else for our choices.

Photo Credit – Ashton

I’ve been there and sometimes it’s just easier to do that “blame game.” The alternative, of course, is us sitting back and truly examining our lives and the role in which our choices and decisions have steered the course of our lives. It’s a hard, but healthy thing to do. It’s like cleaning out your closet after years of collecting clothes. There comes a time where it’s essential to stop, take inventory and decide what really works for you and what doesn’t. This is all so personal as I’d never want to be told that I had to “go into someone else’s closet” to decide what they needed to keep and what “clothes” they needed to let go. Reflect on thoughts that are happy ones in your mind and heart. That certainly stirs up warmth in your soul. So, keep only the “clothes that make you really happy in your closet.”

We get so caught up, I believe, in the hustle and bustle of this world. We can easily get consumed with the “weight of the world”, but will this help the world? If we are overwhelmed with anxiety, I’m not sure how that moves any of us forward in a positive direction.

In fact, I question, if I listen to the media which claims we are all so full of anxiety and stress, I’m not sure where creativity, intuition, spirituality and ‘peace of mind’ even have a tiny spot to creep into our souls.

I really do believe love never fails and ‘what we want to leave behind after we are gone’ may look differently for each of us. Just as the definition of success varies greatly depending on whom you ask, I also believe our perspective as to what is most important in life varies greatly as well.

For Richard and I, we have had many heart felt talks about our legacy. For us, our children are our greatest legacy and steering them towards heaven, as best we can with all of our faults, is our desire. To know love and to be love is my wish for them; for, if this happens, they are one with God.

Yes, we will all have to “hit the reset button” when we get bogged down with life. For me, personally, re-centering allows me to feel more balanced, more peaceful, more connected to God and enables me to to share more love and hope through my art, through my actions, through my words. May L❤️VE shine through all of our lives. Colorful Wishes and let L❤️VE keep us going. There is a special space and place for each of us in this world. We each are a piece of the big giant Gig Saw puzzle of God’s Love. Love never FAILS… just keep going and moving forward… it’s the message I want to leave. This is my prayer.

Photo Credit – Ashton

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