Why Do I Create?

Why Do I Create?

As an artist, I absolutely love to create and enjoy being called to be God’s paintbrush. I am one of many folks in this world, no doubt, who feel that calling. It’s my life purpose.

Truly, I love giving. I’m honored to be asked for my art to be donated for auctions. It brings me joy to donate a print on canvas or an original. I know ya’ll have charities or causes that are extremely dear to your hearts.

I’ve been on the solicitation committee years ago, more than once. I had to get over my FEAR of asking for donations and being rejected. I had to focus on the fact that it wasn’t personal rejection. They may have already donated a ton. They may genuinely not be able to donate at that time, or they simply may not want to donate, period. And that is okay too.

Mama said many times when I was growing up,” it is in giving that we receive.” I truly do receive the gift of JOY! When someone comes and tells me they won a piece of my art at an auction and it just “spoke to them,” I immediately thank God. I’m simply doing what He’s asked me to do while I’m here on this Earth. And, by the way, I’m astatic listening to Him and thrilled to do what He wants me to do: create and share. If a gift that has been freely given to me can uplift and enrich the lives of others, I feel so blessed.

When someone tells me something that I’ve created has inspired them, I often get chills. What an incredible feeling, I’m doing what I love with all of my heart and it may have inspired someone else to create. WOW!

I’m sharing love, joy and light through the gifts God has shared with me. Color speaks to my heart and soul. My palette is ever changing. I’ll look in my bag of colors (or box) and see “what is calling me,” beckoning me to put a big pile of it on my canvas.

And, what does my canvas need? Does it need a bright orange or red? Should I just paint fun designs all over it and then paint a bird? I listen, in the stillness (this requires ear phones in our home, unless I’m locked in the “She Shack.”) Listening, with meditative music often playing (I always use music; what I’m listening to changes depending on my mood), I hear and feel so much powerful energy. It simply flows through me and runs onto the canvas, way of a brush, my hand, a stick, who knows.

All of this, my slipping away into this space of glorious happiness and a FLOW that is beyond explanation, becomes a part of my painting. I truly love the process of creating.

How wonderfully thankful I am that I get to play with paint. I’m also thrilled when asked enthusiastically if I can create a special commission. I get giddy when Gallery Vibe or one of the cute stores in Savannah lets me know they have another happy collector or customer. It’s more than a dollar sign to me. It’s a vulnerability that I share and ya’ll seem to embrace: my colors, my joy, my passion for painting. When asked if someone can come to our home to look at the art I have there, we truly enjoy that as a family. My husband Richard or one of our children (if not me) is showing them around our garden, which does influence my art tremendously. The fifty-one year old me, as well as, the “inner child” me (the little girl who climbed trees, built forts, made art, played barbies) is so eternally grateful that I’m living my childhood DREAM “I want to paint:).” Thank you for adding splashes of my color to your world.