“What Do You Have to Fear but Fear Itself?”-FDR

“What Do You Have to Fear but Fear Itself?”-FDR

Nana quoted this to me more than once growing up. She said “Teddy” made a great point. For me, this little diddy has zero to do with politics and much more to do with the “TONE” that is set for our lives.

Naturally, we learn so many lessons as children. And, not surprisingly, this was a quote both of my parents restated repeatedly to all of us while growing up. The mantra contains merit, would you agree?

So, let’s “flip back” to the beginning. Who “made” you crawl? What about walk? Do you remember? Were you scared? Why did you decide to take a chance? If you are anything like me, who knows why, you probably have zero memory of it. But, for some reason, something compelled you forward. “Just keep moving!”

Rachael, our daughter who will be 20 this summer, has many special needs. She had “fine motor delays” (and some gross motor) from the get go. We did lots of Dr.’s as she was very sick at one week old. They never determined the cause of her sickness, but they got her 104 degree fever down and sent us home after a one week stay. We had many follow up appointments. Rach was late with her crawling and her approach was unlike any I’d seen. Hmmm. She made it work for her. It was a “scoot/crawl” motion. She has a brother one year older and was determined not to be left behind.

Rach walking? Well, thank goodness it wasn’t on a tightrope cause she ran into every wall, tripped over imaginary everything’s and continued on her way. Nothing stopped her, not even a broken leg from our trampoline. She kept dragging her leg behind her. She had a very high pain threshold, so it took a tiny minute (or a few days) to find out that her leg was broken. In a cast at 3 years old…she used her energy to propel her forward and still make her fire station field trip with her class. She hobbled on as days turned into weeks.

I’ve watched this little girl grow into a young adult. Through much prayer, love, stress, aggravation, frustration, confusion, determination, steadfastness, grace and mercy, here we are together, as the Lutz Family Team. Corny, I know; the truth? YES! Our head coach: GOD. She has crawled, walked, ran like the wind (before breaking both of her feet on different occasions). She was like a Gazelle when she did Girls on the Run. Wow how the tears flowed. Our hearts filled with joy watching how much she embraced it. With God, all things are possible. GIVE UP? Never an option. Has she been scared before? PETRIFIED of nightmares, being left, having 2 different stays at Coastal Harbor Treatment Center, starting school again after being out of “traditional School” for several years, moving to Isle of Hope 3 years ago, losing many family members in a 5 year period (and trying to understand those emotions and process them), and now, starting a little “volunteer job” at the YMCA through her work study program at Johnson High School. “Sticktutiveness” our daddy called it and boy, DOES SHE HAVE IT!!! Fear, she has been consumed by it at times, but perseverance and faith, she has more of these for sure.

Lesson learned by me…oh, there are too many to list right here, right now. One checked off the list- Fred and Lillis Lindsay had a grandchild who could have completely fallen through every “crack” and been lost. Through great faith, love, sticktuitiveness, many prayers, large doses of hope, Rach has faced more challenges than some face in a lifetime. Education, with an IQ of 60 (average IQ is 85-110) has been an incredible challenge. While she has zero desire to work at NASA, she does want to work with children. This is her dream. This is her passion. At 19, she feels confident this is where God wants her to use her gifts. Her greatest gift: LOVE (faults and all), there is LOVE.

So, what is your passion? What are your gifts? Are you using them or have you kept them “wrapped up tightly” hidden away from others, as well as yourself? Pull them out, “unwrap them and share them!” What do you have to fear but fear itself. Take a leap of faith. Colorful Wishes, Ann Lutz

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