How to Create a Photo into Art

How to Create a Photo into Art

Grey days have returned. We all have creative spirits. For fun, take a stock photo of a flower (or another interesting pic) & create your own design. Type in (free). It has amazing design ideas. Click edit…Click a photo you have downloaded onto your computer or 1 you already had on there. Hit “open” & be patient. It’ll appear on PicMonkey’s Design screen. Your options are on the left. All are free except the 1’s that have a crown on them. I have used the crop button. Can move the crop box all around until you get a design you like. Hit apply. Don’t like, hit cancel. Same with all of them. The little lipstick dodad on the far left column opens up a few more creative ideas with lighting, color, etc. I found one button that said “poster” with sunflowers on it. Loved that look on my own flowers. Let creative juices flow. Adjust color buttons, fade, shadow, etc. Cancel or just put it back to where it was if you don’t like it. Be free. Have fun. Create a special birthday present, a Mother’s Day gift or a Graduation Present…Framed art that you designed for that special person going off to college who needs art to remind them of home. Have a colorful day!DSC00125 Complementary flower.jpg IMG_1471 Funky Abstract Flower.jpg IMG_1469 Very abstract iris.jpg

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